Have you lost sight of
your guiding light?

Consider a time when you felt happy, confident, and fulfilled. You were feeling totally in the flow of the moment, empowered, and full of energy. Perhaps this was a moment of thrilling physical exertion, exuberant creativity, ecstatic intimacy, profound connection, dedicated service, or spiritual bliss. Everything is exactly as it is meant to be. You feel grateful to be alive.

Whether fresh or a dusty old memory, this experience serves as a guiding light, reminding you of just how great life can be. But if you’re like most, these experiences are fleeting at best. You have gone from a frantic state of busyness, to a compulsive search for instant gratification, to dissatisfied boredom, and finally just plain exhaustion. Though you have experienced some external success and have meaningful relationships, something feels a little off course. You try ignoring it, but it’s still there in the back of your mind – an uneasy feeling. You find yourself asking “is this all there is?”

there is more!

Don’t take my word for it – find out for yourself. Like me, and others who have gone before, you will find a secret so surprisingly simple, it seems too good to be true. It’s beyond just positive thinking, accomplishing more goals, making more money, acquiring more stuff, or experiencing the next big thrill. It’s about becoming radically honest with yourself, connecting with what truly inspires you, acting with integrity, taking full responsibility for your life, and having the willingness to embrace all of your feelings and experiences – positive, negative, and everything in between.

your authentic direction

I call this Authentic Direction, and it’s the heart of what my coaching is all about.  When you are connected to your own Authentic Direction, instead of just fleeting moments, you will find yourself more regularly experiencing a sense of purpose, inspiration, and genuine fulfillment. In addition, you will find this leads you naturally and easily to greater happiness and success!

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