About Michael


I was the kind of kid who always thought he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. After an enthusiastic education, completing a B.S. in Computer Science along with a minor in Philosophy, I entered the work force full-time, doing what I grew up doing for fun – programming computers – and making a great living doing it! I worked a variety of jobs – from the largest technology company on earth, to several internet start-ups, to being an independent software engineering consultant.

Along the way, I experienced a series of personal crises and disappointments and I began to lose heart. I grew cynical about my career and relationships – blaming circumstances and people beyond my control. Then, through a powerful and unexpected awakening in the Fall of 2000, I found my heart and mind open with a re-ignited enthusiasm for life and sense of personal responsibility. I began learning and exploring ever more deeply into my mind, human behavior, relationships, and emotions. I read endless books, attended workshops, and found a great therapist. I studied and practiced yoga, the Feldenkrais Method┬«, meditation, Non-Violent Communication┬«, salsa dancing, comedy improv, tai chi, pilates, hypnotism, NLP, and more! Throughout all of this, I have enjoyed an ever growing sense of genuine happiness, fulfillment, and peace. This wide range of practices, techniques, and knowledge inform and inspire my coaching practice.

Eventually I completed a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. An unexpected opportunity found me when I lost my job by way of work-force reduction due to these challenging economic times. My calling to be of greater service to others and experience greater freedom led me to start out on my own building a new career in coaching, consulting, speaking, and workshop facilitation.

Since then I have coached clients through experiencing more fulfilling relationships to making career transitions. I have led workshops on effective communication and emotional intelligence at organizations like Hewlett-Packard (HP) and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). I’ve also become a facilitator and trainer with Authentic World and the Authentic Man Program.

I look forward to the opportunity to know you and contribute to your own growth and well-being! I welcome you to contact me!


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