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From my Self-Distraction, with Love

One of the things I have been experiencing is self-distraction. What a crazy concept! I mean, I’m the one who wants to go one way, so who is this other person inside myself that is distracting me? Wait that can’t be so, it must be something else – out there distracting me. Yeah, that’s it […]


On Track With Your Resolutions

Yes, I’ve done it before too – getting back on-track at the start of a new year, making resolutions, recommitting myself to my happiness, success, and well-being. And I know what it is like to get off-track, then back on-track again, and back, and forth. It seems that this cycle is a natural part of […]


The Taskmaster & the Rebel

Growing up, I was a good boy.  I earned good grades and acknowledgment from parents and teachers and I enjoyed that.  Eventually I became tired of always doing what I was supposed to do even if it was enjoyable and rewarding.  More importantly, I wanted to make the choices about what I valued and believed […]