quotel1Michael has been coaching me for several months now.  The results have been amazing – I find that I am achieving my goals at exactly the rate I had hoped for, if not faster.  The reason is that Michael offers me opportunities to go beyond my comfort zone and to take on greater challenges than I would on my own.  He does not push forcefully, but rather gives me the inspiration to want to do it for myself.

When I have been stuck on how to proceed, Michael has offered many ideas and activities to help change my mode of thinking to one that is more constructive and in line with my goals.  His great experience in fields such as psychology, meditation, communication, and holistic living brings an amazing level of richness to our coaching sessions.  His empathetic manner of conversation makes me feel appreciated and respected and he encourages me to appreciate myself for all of my accomplishments, as well as to see the good in all aspects of myself, even the ones that are causing me trouble.

Without Michael to help me, I know that I would not be where I am now, which is in the middle of a career transition into something I didn’t even think was possible for someone like me – the music industry.  My confidence in myself has never been greater, and I know that there are many wonderful things in store for me.quoter1

— Zeke, Engineer & Musician

quotel1Michael has helped me tremendously in gaining the insight and clarity to improve and strengthen my communication skills and how I relate to others. I’ve learned so much more then I expected about how to more effectively communicate in difficult situations while staying in touch with what’s really true and authentic for me. It’s helped all around from my relationships with family and friends to coworkers and managers. Michael gives his all to each time we meet. His sessions are interactive and foster personal awareness and appreciation. His ability to compassionately listen and connect will help anyone find what’s in your heart and build the inner strength to follow it. quoter

— Michelle, Software Engineer

quotel1In a very short period of time Michael helped me improve two areas of my life that have been pestering me for years. He has a gentle but direct approach helping one to identify and eliminate roadblocks to success. I highly recommend Michael.quoter1

— Jeff, Machine Vision Consultant

quotel1Michael is one of those rare people who truly deserves the title “coach”.

His keen intellect is matched only by the depth of his heart and caring for others. He draws on his own extensive experiences (as well as a substantial tool-kit of skills) to support his clients in identifying the exact roadblocks that are keeping you stuck, and then easily moving beyond these to create the results you desire.

I highly recommend Michael to anyone serious about experiencing success – on all levels of your life.quoter1

— Sonia, Coach/Author/Speaker

quotel1Michael has the ability to help clients get to the heart of the matter. He’s extremely intuitive and asks the hard questions that provide the space for growth. At the same time, he makes it okay to start from wherever you are and move forward. He’s got the coaching gift. If you’re ready to accept that you are where you are today because of the choices you made, and you want to learn how to make better ones, I highly recommend him. He’ll help you figure out how to clear the blocks and get to where you want to go.quoter1

— Julliette

quotel1I have realized that he is one of those rare individuals who have cultivated the sacred art of listening. Through Michaels insight, empathy and sincere caring, he has helped me to explore and discover who I am, what I want, and how to best make it happen. I would recommend Michael’s services to anyone interested in and willing to make positive changes in their life.quoter1

— Gail, Artist

quotel1Michael is an amazing coach and facilitator. Whenever I work with him, I personally find it very difficult to deny my own issues. He has a keen ability to see through you and pick up things that even you are not aware of. He listens intently and holds you in a loving place to allow you the space to process your issues. He is like a safe wall that you can bounce off your worries and know that you are safe.quoter1

— Jane, Chiropractor/Acupuncturist

quotelDuring my coaching session with Michael, I found him to be completely present and intuitive. His relaxed way put me at ease and as he gently guided me to uncover my own answers. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a constructive and insightful and coaching session.quoter

— Don, Architectural Designer

quotel1Michael is a skilled and compassionate listener, down to earth and practical when it is called for, full of heart and soul. He brings his skills, big heart and warm smile to every encounter. He is always very present for his sessions, using his skill base and knowledge to focus in on exactly what the client needs to heal and move forward. It has been my privilege to work with Michael. He offered me great insight and compassion as I was getting “unstuck” on a product idea. He had the perfect combination of technical savvy, insight and kindness to help me move forward. I am confident he will be a valuable asset to you whatever challenges you may face. He is a gem.quoter1

— Betsy, Consultant & Healing Pracitioner

quotel1Michael has presence when listening, thoughtful and insightful perception checking of my issue and loving attention to what was on my heart and mind.I felt he was in touch with his inner voice and intuition of what was coming up for me.  He is a skilled counselor.quoter1

— Judy, Conscious Seeker

quotel1Michael is sensitive, kind and a sincere coach and counselor. I received objective, loving feedback on how to work with some of my issues. He is a man who is not afraid of his tender side. Thank you, Michael for being focused and present for me doing our sessions.quoter1

— Alice

quotel1Michael is a compassionate, insightful, skilled practitioner. Through my experience in working with him, I have found him to be great source of intuitive knowing. He is a personable, loving individual with a business background and a tremendous talent for communicating effectively.quoter1

— Bernadette

quotel1Michael – Your calm and peaceful presence is loving and compassionate. You guided me into fully stepping forward into owning my gifts.quoter1

— Ellen