From my Self-Distraction, with Love

One of the things I have been experiencing is self-distraction. What a crazy concept! I mean, I’m the one who wants to go one way, so who is this other person inside myself that is distracting me? Wait that can’t be so, it must be something else – out there distracting me. Yeah, that’s it – the seemingly irresistible temptations of checking out the headlines, facebook, blogs, wikipedia, books, TV, movies – and cookies! It’s all their fault! OK, that feels better, a bit. Wait, that didn’t help! I’m still distracted. As long as keep blaming something or someone else, I’m just going to stay stuck because I’ve merely justified my distraction and given myself a good reason why I can’t do anything about it. So I guess there’s something else, and it’s going on inside of me.

So I had a little talk with my self-distraction earlier today. I was reminded of some aspects of myself that I sometimes ignore too often. I love having fun when I work. I love motivating myself with kindness and ease – not beating myself up trying to get ahead. I love accepting myself unconditionally, regardless of anything I say or do. I love holding my views and understanding lightly, and with a certain measure of healthy skepticism, lest I limit myself or stagnate in some way. I love being authentic – boldly and nakedly myself, not forcing myself to fit some phony mold, nor defining myself by concept, personality, or belief. I love being spontaneous and expressive – allowing my creativity to flow freely, rather than holding back. Within me is a bubbling primordial energy, an ocean of elemental forces brimming and flowing with creative power! My self-distraction calls to me – reminding me of these inner potentials ultimately beyond the capacity of my everyday mind to control or comprehend. I call myself forward with a paradoxically chaotic clarity to let go and fall into the divine mystery of my authentic essence. Loving Here Now!



  1. Ellen Friedman says:

    Your writing speaks to me! I have been having similar thoughts about my patterns of self distraction. I appreciate your meaningful thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You moved so gracefully from distraction into love in this blog.

    I read that last paragraph a dozen times and it keeps getting better!

    Thank you.

  3. jessgros says:

    Nice to be back in town buddy..

  4. Carol Mackay says:

    Michael – the “with love” part of your title made all the difference to me. I read your blog because I was going through my own episode of distraction. I’m really glad to have read your gentle words of loving as I was in judgment about my distraction, and not recognizing that it, too, can be a gift.

    Thanks for bringing me back to Self-forgiveness.

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