Profoundly Rewarding Relationships

Whether experiencing connections full of love and joy, or navigating challenging interactions, if you’re like me, you’ve found relating with other people one of the most dynamic areas of life.  At its most rewarding, we may experience moments like:

  • A loved one’s eyes light up with gratitude for finally feeling appreciated for their uniquely personal essence.
  • A deep sigh of relief from letting go of a limiting self-image we’ve been carrying for years.
  • A flood of warmth in our chests as our heart opens when someone reveals themselves vulnerably.
  • Raw, edgy excitement as we reveal our truth, free from fear of what others might think.
  • A profound sense of oneness with another as we connect, experiencing any sense of separateness dissolve between us.

But more often that not, I was used to experiencing a sense of separateness, frustrated for not feeling understood, and tolerating a dissatisfying lack of intimacy in my life.  I still felt lonely too often.  Those magic moments seemed to happen merely by chance; I didn’t know how to generate those experiences more often.

I spent a long time searching—reading books, trying techniques, taking workshops, attending group meetings, going to psychotherapy, even earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology—all in service of finding a way to have more satisfying connections with others.  I was tired of trying to be someone that I wasn’t in order to feel closer to others, and in the end, that wasn’t creating the kind of relationships I wanted to experience anyway.

That is, until I found the work of Authentic World and their interpersonal process they call “Circling”.

It’s the best work I’ve found for creating extraordinary and profound intimacy in relationships—an organic, interpersonal process of getting someone’s world and honestly sharing your in-the-moment experiences together.Here’s more about Circling from my friend Bryan Bayer, Authentic World co-founder:

The purpose of Circling is twofold:

1. Circling uncovers our “relational blind spots”—the places where we push away the depth of connection and intimacy that’s possible, whether we’re:

  • In relationship and want to deepen with our partner…
  • Single, and looking to attract someone to explore deeper connection with…
  • Looking for deeper connection with ANYONE—family, friends, prospective clients…

Through this fresh, direct-experience, in-the-moment process, we have more choice about how we respond because we’re aware of our blind spots.

2. The experience of “being seen” for who we authentically are is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have as human beings, and Circling teaches us exactly that—how to see and celebrate each person for the unique flavor they bring to the world.

I’ve experienced firsthand how this process helps me grow and heal unresolved issues whether or not they’re just about relationships. Also, learning to appreciate people and connect with them where they are at has made me more effective as a coach in a way that goes beyond mere techniques.

These profoundly rewarding relationships have become a part of my everyday life both personally and professionally. Now I am excited to invite you to experience it yourself. Join me for a special opportunity to attend Aletheia—an intimate training with the founders of Authentic World, leading their first-ever event in the Los Angeles area.


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